Contemporary Art Talks | 映像——当代艺术与自然

  • 2018.11.04-2018.11.04
  • 上海虹桥雅辰悦居酒店
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As scientific advancement is reframing our understanding of nature and we are living an environmental crisis, artistic practices are as well catching up, developing narratives and mediums of expressions that mirror the times we are living. 



 The mystery of nature gave birth to human civilization thousands years ago, and artists try to use all kind of expressions to capture what it’s an ever-changing nature.

By Francisco




The predominance of modern products and technology have a primary role in our daily life, making nature to have a special value within today’s aesthetics.  

By Francisco


本次艺术讲座由来自墨西哥的艺术家Francisco Hauss带我们探索世界艺术家们现代艺术作品中的神秘自然美学。其中包括摄影、装置等多艺术形式的作品。

This conversation, by the Mexican artist Francisco Hauss, will explore the aesthetic and conceptual elements in contemporary art that reframe the notion of nature, addressing the works of a variety of artists around the world that includes photography, installations, and new media.

Francisco Hauss




Francisco is a multidisciplinary artist that explores how the mainstream narratives in culture relate with our essence as a part of nature. His works includes ideas that address mystical thinking, science and pop culture. He has published and exhibited in major galleries internationally, now he lives in shanghai where he has curated independent exhibitions at M50 as well.

Francisco 在“艺术与空间之美”论坛 (M64 CLUB)




主讲人: Francisco Hauss


时间:2018年11月04日 周日 下午14:00


地点:上海虹桥雅辰悦居酒店 思方汇Townsquare




Artist Talk: Nature in Contemporary Art 


Speaker: Francisco Hauss


Time: 4th November 2018 Sunday 14:00


Address: No.3999-5 Hongxin Road,

Minhang District,